Thursday, March 26, 2009

Easter in Bukovina 2009

On April 19th the Christian-Orthodox church will commemorate Easter this year. For this occasion, the Romanian Ministry of Tourism has just launched the campaign "Easter in Bukovina", which will be developed in the period 10-23 April 2009 in Suceava county. The program includes several thematic manifestations as well as folk music shows throughout the county. During the same period, monasteries, churches, museums and memorial houses will be open according to a special schedule.

You may watch below the spot made for the Ministry of Tourism in order to promote Easter in Bukovina:

There is a place in Romania where tradition is kept with dignity, where people are inspired by the holy places' beauty, where the holiday's magic means goodwill, faith and family. Anyone can call this place "home". Easter in Bukovina. A project supported by the Ministry of Tourism.

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