Thursday, February 19, 2009

Top places for a bargain holiday in Romania

The article Where to holiday beyond the Eurozone, by Annabelle Thorpe, published by The Observer on 18 Jan 2009, proposes that tourists, used to famous attractions which have just become too expensive, change their destinations towards cheaper ones but not of less quality. Two of the proposals points to Romania:

The Spanish Cota de Donana national park in Andalucia is one of Europe's most spectacular wetlands, but twitchers and wildlife-spotters looking for a cheaper equivalent should head to Romania's Danube Delta. More than 300 species of bird can be found in the delta - as many as in the Cota de Donana - along with foxes, wildcats, wolves and even boars. Best of all, there are places to stay within the park, meaning that watching the sun rise or set over the tranquil marshlands is as simple as falling out of bed.

It may not have the dramatic history of its French equivalent Carcassone, but the Romanian walled town of Sibiu has an equally stunning medieval centre and fortifications. It was European Capital of Culture in 2007, but prices have remained low and the cobbled streets and squares are filled with restaurants offering meals for around £10. Sibiu is a musical city, with jazz bars and small clubs tucked away.

Source: The Observer

Monday, February 16, 2009

Romanian wine

The Wine World has recently started to sit up and take notice of an emerging, dynamic region. But its location will almost certainly take you by surprise…

After decades of Communism and some twenty years of regeneration, a few Central and Eastern European countries are starting to produce some particularly interesting wine. Isabelle Legeron sets off on a wine journey from Budapest to the Black Sea to explore this silent revolution.

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Source: Travel Channel